What is Occupational Therapy?


    Occupational Therapy is a profession that strives to promote the return to valued activities. Occupational therapists endeavor to understand the activities (or occupations) that make a persons life meaningful, and we work with clients  to help them achieve their full potential in therapy. The occupational therapists at Gottsche Rehab practice from a client centered, biomechanical/restorative frame of reference that guides our practice decisions. This means that we listen to the client  and base our plan for a persons recovery on their  personal goals.

    ot3 The occupational therapists at Gottsche provide a variety of treatment options that may include; use of graded functional activities, physical agent modalities, range of motion exercises, development of an individualized home exercise program, gradual strengthening, and above all a compassionate ear to help guide you through a persons recovery.

    Occupational therapy helps a person live life to the fullest no matter what their health condition may be.